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About The Kharanei Order

“With hope, we shall one day repair the Exodar, and undo what pollution was done to these lands, And, with hope, we shall be ready when the final battle comes for this world.” -Brother Zenarai


Kharanei is currently the largest and most active Draenei exclusive guild on the Wyrmrest Accord (WrA) RP server.  We seek to offer immersive RP based in Draenei lore and culture. We are looking for members who are driven, who have a love of lore and storytelling, and most of all enjoy RP. We gladly accept players who are able to play characters that are responsible for their actions, and be courteous to one another OOCly.

 Our primary focus is, and always will be, RP. While Kharanei does participate in some PvE that is not what drives the guild. Individuals who are looking to raid a lot and RP a little will be disappointed. We’re here for our characters, the interactions, and the stories… the game world and mechanics are additional perks to play.

 Our RP mostly takes place in the Exodar, with intentions to spread out to Outland/Draenor. The main focus of our RP is the Draenei, whether that regards their plight on Azeroth or their attempts to reclaim the shattered lands of Draenor.

 If you are interested in knowing more about us, please read our Player Guide. All of our rules, and an FAQ can be found there.   

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